Parents and Our School

As a cooperative preschool, you have the unique and exciting opportunity to get involved in your child’s educational experience. Being part of a cooperative offers many benefits to you and your child:

Benefits to Your Child

  • A low student to teacher ratio.
  • Experienced and caring teachers.
  • The opportunities for both structured and unstructured play in each class.
  • A place to develop their sense of competence, self-worth, curiosity, creativity, and imagination.
  • Activities that develop their social, language, cognitive, motor, numeracy, and literacy skills in preparation for kindergarten.
  • The opportunity to socialize and develop friendships with other children.
  • Fun!

Benefits to You

  • The opportunity to grow with your child in your community.
  • Lower tuition fees.
  • The potential to develop a support network of friends with the same interests and concerns.
  • A greater understanding of childhood development.
  • A chance to observe your child and their peers in a group setting.
  • The opportunity to actively participate in your child's education. 


To learn more details about working in the classroom or how our classes our structured, click on the links at right.