Childhood learning is considered a journey, not a race...

Parent Participation

We are a co-operative preschool.  This means that you have the wonderful opportunity to get involved! Mothers, father, and/or caretakers (over the age of 18) are required to participate in the classroom.  A parent work schedule will be given to parents at orientation.  This schedule will inform you as a parents when you are scheduled to work in your child's classroom.

Learning Behaviors

Learning a positive attitude and fostering a good self image are very important.  The students will be able to learn to share, cooperate and interact with other children and parents in their class.

Languange Arts: Listening, Speaking, Viewing, Writing & Reading

Children will have adults reading to them, retell stories, learn the alphabet (capital/lower case), numbers, shapes and colors. Teaching children to love to read and write their own stories through pictures and words is important.

Social Studies

Children will learn about themselves and other children in their classroom, as well as about family units and where they fit into their town society.  They will learn the difference between their wants and their real needs, as well as their responsibilities as a member of a family and through team work in the classroom.


Your children will be exposed to many science units during the year such as: Nature, Weather, Seasons, Water, Air, Space, Senses, Animals, etc. Each child will have hands-on activities to help them discover more about the world.


Students will learn to recognize numerals, match numerals, count forward and backwards, and compare measurements of like and unlike items. Your child will be introduced to sorting, sequencing, and patterning through hands-on activities.

Physical Development

We will help children develop optimal skills in physical finess and wellness.  Your child will have different kinds of activities for physical fitness which include a gymnastics program, the balance beam, trampoline, skipping, running, roller races, and jumping balls for large motor skills.  Small and fine motor skills are developed through the use of pencils, markers, crayons, paints and scissors.


Students will have the opportunity to use their imagination, and express their feelings and emotions. Your child will work with paints, clay, the sensory table, paper and textures to be creative. Music, dance, songs, rhythm and instruments are also introduced thoughout the year.


Children will have the use of computers, CD players, microscopes, weight machines, measuring cups, measuring tapes and cameras.

Field Trips

Field trips are scheduled throughout the year.  Because we are a co-operative preschool, transportation and parent supervision are required.